ATX WEST - Come Build Symphoni with Us!

Let us show you how Symphoni's Orchestrated Motion Produces the Powerful Results you are looking for.


Peng is the person you want to connect with to discuss your assembly automation requirements and what you need to get your product to market quickly.

You can reach her by cell at +1 613-530-6837, email or LinkedIn.

  1. Arrange an in-person demo at one of our ATS locations: Rolling Meadows, Illinois, Cambridge/Kingston, Ontario or Munich, Germany
  2. Arrange an on-line demo
  3. Arrange a meeting for more information


To Arrange an appointment at the show or after.

Thank you for visiting our booth and learning more about how Symphoni’s orchestrated motion produces powerful results. We hope you will join us at the following events this week. If time is not on your side, connect with Peng directly to arrange a time to chat.

SYMPHONI DEMONSTRATION | Tuesday & Wednesday from 2-3 pm
Conducted by Ken Nicolson (, ATS Automation R&D Director and one of the inventors of Symphoni. If you want to know the inner workings of the technology, he is the guy to speak to.

THE FUTURE OF AUTOMATION (Convention Center Lobby) | Tuesday 3:00-3:45 pm
Peng-Sang Cau, LS VP of Emerging Markets & Symphoni, will be sharing the stage with her colleagues as they discuss The Future of Factory Automation.

(Design. Engineer. Build Conference – Advanced Manufacturing) | Wednesday 9:45-10:30 am
Ken Nicholson will be presenting collaborative a case study that highlights how leveraging Symphoni’s extreme levels of efficiency reduced an existing process from 40 tools to 4 tools while maintaining critical process time and gentle part handling that the customer required.

Want to learn more about how Symphoni’s orchestrated motion (All motions are coordinated and synchronized in 1 milliseconds with Symphoni’s patented RSM Technology®, producing unmatched benefits.) produces the powerful results (90% less tooling! >than 50% smaller footprint! 90% configured from standard building blocks! <1% in spare parts! 100% configurable.) Please contact Peng.