Sonata™ Cell

A scalable process development platform.

Sonata™ Cell

Sonata™ is a single-module Symphoni™ designed to get your product to market faster. Sonata™ leverages Symphoni’s high-performance robotics and linear motion conveyance to provide the perfect environment to develop, test, and validate the assembly of your product – while it’s still in the design phase.

Sonata™ mitigates risk. It keeps your initial investment low while ensuring that every product you deliver is assembled with the same validated process. It serves low-volume production by automatically assembling hand-loaded parts precisely as they will later be assembled in high-volume production. With its multi-axis configurability, Sonata™ can carry out multiple operations in a single station and be quickly and iteratively retooled as required. As demand grows, more modules can be added, linked by SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ conveyor. In such fashion, a full-scale Symphoni production system can be progressively realized.

“Perfect for process development, clinical trials, and low-volume production.”

Sonata™ Brochure

Mitigating Risk with Sonata™

What features could be added to a product’s design to facilitate assembly? How should it be fixtured for different operations? Are there risky assembly steps that require proof-of-principle testing? Sonata™ lets you answer these questions during the product design phase. It provides a pre-engineered platform for developing and optimizing the assembly process in a manner representative of high-volume production.

When do you invest in an automated production system? How much capacity does it require? Invest too soon and you have an underutilized asset. Invest too late and you won’t be able to meet market demand. Specify too much capacity and your machine will frequently sit idle. Specify too little and you’ll lose sales. Symphoni’s scalability mitigates your investment risk, allowing you to make incremental capacity increases from a single-module Sonata™ cell to a full-fledged production system.

  • Ideal for production-representative process development.
  • Ideal for risk-free ramp-up to full-scale production.
  • Ideal for getting your product to market ahead of your competitors.

Standard Sonata™ Cell Contents

  • Pick-and-Place station.
    • Multi-axis delta robot.
    • Servo-driven part presentation mechanism.
    • Vision camera.
  • 1 m section of SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ linear motion conveyance.
  • (1 ) SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ pallet.
  • Symphoni™ OS with configurable motion control software.
  • Overhead electrical cabinet with controls and servo drives.
  • Infeed/outfeed conveyor equipped with pucks for carrying components to be assembled.
  • Tethered electrical cabinet equipped with power distribution hardware and SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™.
  • PLC.
  • Safety guarding and interlocks.

Optional Accessories

  • Robot end effectors and grippers.
  • Puck tooling.
  • Orientation servos.
  • Tilt-axis deck.
  • Part-presentation discs for part capture and escapement.
  • Pallet fixturing.
  • Part feeding systems.
  • Collaborative Manual Assembly Module with Low-Power SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™.

Is Symphoni™ Right For You?

    • Are you frustrated with having to choose between fast or versatile assembly systems?
    • Do you experience production delays, long retooling time, and underutilized equipment when there are changes to your production schedule, product mix, or product demand?
    • Have you ever had to write off a custom assembly machine because the product it assembled is no longer viable?
    • Have you spent months, even years, custom engineering an assembly system from scratch.
    • Have you ever lost business because your assembly machine was delivered late?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to one or more of the questions, please contact us and we’ll show you how Symphoni will give you the competitive edge to win more business, optimize your capital asset and floor space.

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