Transformative, Yet Tested and Mature

Symphoni™ technology is unique and remarkably innovative, but not new or unproven. In fact, the Symphoni platform has evolved over 9 years of development and 5 field-proven generations. Its early innovations resulted in a revolutionary advance in conventional “continuous motion” assembly. It then expanded to incorporate high-speed robotics and linear motion conveyance. Most recently, we have modularized its construction, making it a standard, scalable, rapidly deployable platform. Backed by ATS’s unmatched resources and global reach, Symphoni is poised to transform the automated assembly industry.

"Symphoni™ has evolved over 9 years and 5 generations of production deployment."

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A Rich History of Innovation

The evolution of Symphoni began in 2012 when a team of innovative engineers invented “RSM Technology®,” a remarkable advance in motion control first applied to “continuous motion” assembly machines. Ensuing years saw the incorporation of high-speed robotics, linear motion conveyance, and plug-and-play modularity. Today the Symphoni platform is a flagship product of ATS, the world’s leading supplier of factory automation.

Is Symphoni™ Right For You?

    • Are you frustrated with having to choose between fast or versatile assembly systems?
    • Do you experience production delays, long retooling time, and underutilized equipment when there are changes to your production schedule, product mix, or product demand?
    • Have you ever had to write off a custom assembly machine because the product it assembled is no longer viable?
    • Have you spent months, even years, custom engineering an assembly system from scratch.
    • Have you ever lost business because your assembly machine was delivered late?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to one or more of the questions, please contact us and we’ll show you how Symphoni will give you the competitive edge to win more business, optimize your capital asset and floor space.

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