Pre-Automation Solutions

Be Nimble. Be Quick.

Often companies become frozen during fluid product development activities, repeatedly asking themselves “have we done sufficient evaluation and analysis to be confident in moving ahead?”  That’s not surprising considering the sizable investment production automation requires, and questions such as:

  • What if product changes are needed?
  • Will we achieve the cost targets necessary for market acceptance?
  • How can production be scaled-up with confidence?

Selecting the right manufacturing platform and an experienced equipment provider will keep you moving forward.

Drawing upon a broad technical base and seasoned experience in multiple markets, our experts collaborate with you using a disciplined data-driven approach.  Using standard Symphoni™ cells at our Innovation Center, production processes can be demonstrated through a wide range of speeds with prototype parts.  While completing DFM / DFA activities with confidence, a phased manufacturing strategy can be optimized, and equipment investment determined.

“ATS has built an Innovation Center where Product Developers can test their ideas."

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Wish you had a Crystal Ball?

We don’t have a crystal ball either, but we can show you exactly how we would optimize your future production with Symphoni simulations. Because Symphoni is a fully digital technology, and all the components, elements and robots have been standardized, we have developed dozens of motion profiles and corresponding simulations. These simulations yield an accurate understanding of the precision versus speed balance. Further, simulations show how the same hardware can provide flexibility for potential product changes, product variants, or even different products and processes.

For Life Sciences and other regulated applications, the Symphoni’s Sonata™ development cell is the least risk approach. Imagine being able to fully describe full scale production processes at the time you are seeking product approval, and further, being able to use the same equipment for prototyping, clinical trials, early-stage production, and high-volume manufacturing.

Pre-Automation Solutions

Typical Questions Answered

  • How fast can my parts be assembled?
  • Can I use the same equipment to make these two devices?
  • What design improvements can you suggest for improving my product or process?
  • Is there a business case to automate my manufacturing?
  • Is there a way to scale my manufacturing capacity to match the demand for my products?
  • What should I budget for the equipment required to make my device?

ATS Innovation Center

Typical Activities Demonstrated

  • Different motion profiles to accomplish an assembly task.
  • The robustness of assembly processes across the tolerance range of components.
  • The different inspection tools that can be used to assure quality products.
  • Fully automated changeovers between different products.
  • Flexibility of Symphoni technology and the ease of process adjustment using the HMI.
  • The high degree of Manufacturing Intelligence information that is generated using Illuminate.


ATS Innovation Centers

The ATS Innovation Centers are staffed by Systems Design Engineering professionals, including those individuals that developed Symphoni. They would be pleased to invite into one of our Innovation Centers to take a closer look at the equipment and how it might be deployed to meet your manufacturing needs. A pre-planned visit could include physical assembly of your components on the Innovation Centre equipment. All we would need to rapid-prototype the product contact parts would be solid-models of those components. It’s that simple.

Contact us to learn more about or to “test-drive Symphoni™ Technology”.

ATS Innovation Center – We are investing in your future

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