Symphoni™ Technology

Scalable, versatile, high-performance automation.

Speed, Precision, and Versatility

Symphoni technology pack’s extraordinary performance into a compact, modular platform. Symphoni modules are self-contained, pre-engineered units equipped with standard servo-controlled devices, including the high-speed Symphoni™ robot. The systems are configurable for a wide range of products, from simple two-piece assemblies to highly complex products having dozens of components and specialized processes. Moreover, Symphoni systems scale to meet a product’s changing needs as it progresses through its life cycle – from low-volume samples to high-volume production.

Symphoni’s physical modularity is only part of the story, however, its true value comes from its unique control method, which combines digital flexibility with synchronous operation to yield maximum output for minimal investment and in the smallest possible footprint.

In short, Symphoni “cherry” picks the best of various proven assembly technologies – robotics, cam-driven synchronous machines, and power-and-free asynchronous systems – and cleverly combines them for unparalleled performance.

“Symphoni™ goes fast where it can and slow where it must. Critical process times are never compromised. "

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High-Efficiency Synchronous Operation

Symphoni’s high-efficiency synchronous operation is visually dramatic, as shown in the video below. But what to the naked eye are blurs of multi-axis movement are in fact carefully choreographed ballets in which the position, velocity, and acceleration, of each device are mapped in 1 millisecond intervals. Critical process times demanded by physics and part dynamics are carefully analyzed and always respected. Part quality and process integrity are never compromised for the sake of speed!

Symphoni is cam-based, with each movement in the system geared, just like “old school” line shaft systems. However, Symphoni’s cams are electronic (“e-cam”) and thus digitally configurable. This means adjustments in e-cam profiles can be made at any time – through the HMI. Different products requiring different assembly sequences and different motion profiles can run on the same system with menu-based selection.

Modular, Scalable, and Configurable

A Symphoni system is configured with whatever number of modules and stations as required to assemble any given products. Each module controls the automation it houses while synchronizing to the system’s master cam.

A Powerhouse of Performance

Symphoni modules can house up to two stations that may include:

  • Pick-and-place stations that integrate the Symphoni robot feed system
  • RSM Technology® Disc
  • Vision for part orientation/pre-inspection
  • Other digital devices from Symphoni’s library
  • 3rd-party units such as welders and filling heads

The Best of All Worlds

Symphoni blends the best of all assembly methods. It features the high speed and efficiency of mechanical cam-driven technologies, the digital flexibility of robotics and linear motion conveyance, as well as the line-balancing power of intelligent pallets.

Is Symphoni Right For You?

    • Are you frustrated with having to choose between fast or versatile assembly systems?
    • Do you experience production delays, long retooling time, and underutilized equipment when there are changes to your production schedule, product mix, or product demand?
    • Have you ever had to write off a custom assembly machine because the product it assembled is no longer viable?
    • Have you spent months, even years, custom engineering an assembly system from scratch.
    • Have you ever lost business because your assembly machine was delivered late?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to one or more of the questions, please contact us and we’ll show you how Symphoni will give you the competitive edge to win more business, optimize your capital asset and floor space.

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