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Orchestrating a Transformation in Assembly

ATS brings you Symphoni™, a digital assembly automation technology featuring an unmatched combination of speed, versatility, and precision delivering business value in a scalable, modular platform.

Symphoni surpasses conventional assembly methods by merging only the best features from each:

  • The digital flexibility of robotics and linear motion conveyance.
  • The high output, cam-driven efficiency of continuous motion and synchronous indexing machines.
  • The linebalancing power of intelligent pallets.

Symphoni combines these features in robust plug-and-play modules equipped with high-performance hardware and standard Symphoni OS softwareSymphoni operate with astonishing speed and efficiency, eliminating non-value-added delays while carefully respecting essential process time.

The result is the most powerful assembly system on the planet, brought to you by ATS, the world’s leading supplier of factory automation.

“A mesmerizing symphony of motion. The greatest advancement in automation in 40 years!”

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A Symphony of Motion

Symphoni achieves high throughput and flexibility while maintaining gentle part handling and respecting critical process times. Ken Nicholson, Staff Specialist at ATS, explains.

Transformative Change for Your Business

Instead of highly customized, “one-offs,” Symphoni systems are standard assets configured with product-specific touch tooling. They are rapidly deployed, easily reconfigured, and manage variants with quick, economical changeover. Productivity is maximized, risk minimized.


Productivity & Investment Value

Symphoni™ yields more for less – more output per CAPEX dollar, more output per square meter of floor space. Its modular design, multi-axis configurability, and synchronized motion control optimize ROI, whether the demand is 20 parts per minute or 1000. Plus, Symphoni systems have small footprints. Their compact structure and lean, high-speed efficiency maximize factory space productivity – a critical advantage for cleanroom production.

Utilization, Revenue & Profit

Symphoni™ capital asset exist to make money!  Unfortunately, conventional machines don’t run when orders drop for the product they assemble. In contrast, Symphoni’s multi-product versatility allows quick changeover to Product B (or C or D) in the absence of demand for Product A. Thus, Symphoni machines maintain high utilization and maximum TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Performance). They keep running and keep making money.

Time to Market

Symphoni™ gets new products to market faster! Initial demand can be met with minimal investment with a Sonata™ Development Cell. When demand grows, a full-scale Symphoni production system can be quickly realized, thanks to the platform’s pre-engineered design and modular construction. And once a Symphoni system is installed, its versatility accommodates new products by virtue of rapidly deployed change tooling  or reconfigured the modules.

Validation Time & Operating Costs

Symphoni™ simplifies validation, saving cost and time for regulated industries. For all manufacturers, Symphoni systems are easy to use and maintain, keeping training and upkeep costs low. Customized touch tooling is minimal, further reducing maintenance. The platform’s digital workstations limit the number of moving parts, and its integrated SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ moves pallets electromagnetically, minimizing wear and avoiding pallet-to-pallet contact.


Symphoni™ Technology’s compact design minimizes cleanroom space. Its standardization simplifies validation. Perfect for Life Sciences applications.


High-output and versatility are critical for Consumer Goods. Multi-purpose Symphoni™ machines conserve capital and space while maintaining high TEEP.

Mobility, Connectivity, and Industrial

Symphoni™ Technology fits a wide range of products in diverse industries: Automotive components, electrical connectors, industrial goods – any device with discrete components.

Contract Manufacturers

Symphoni™ Technology is ideal for contract manufacturers, with versatile machines that can quickly adapt to changing demand. It gives them a competitive edge by shortening time to market for their customers.

Is Symphoni™ Right For You?

  • Are you frustrated with having to choose between fast or versatile assembly systems?
  • Do you experience production delays, long retooling time, and underutilized equipment when there are changes to your production schedule, product mix, or product demand?
  • Have you ever had to write off a custom assembly machine because the product it assembled is no longer viable?
  • Have you spent months, even years, custom engineering an assembly system from scratch.
  • Have you ever lost business because your assembly machine was delivered late?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to one or more of the questions, please contact us and we’ll show you how Symphoni will give you the competitive edge to win more business, optimize your capital asset and floor space.

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