Digital Control

Orchestrated Motion Control

Symphoni™ technology’s “electronically cammed” control is the key
to its power. Symphoni operates with synchronized precision, yet
they are digitally configured and fully flexible. A central “master cam” serves as an electronic line shaft, synchronizing motions system-wide, while individual stations in individual modules remain locally configured and controlled. This unique mix of synchronous motion, digital flexibility, centralized coordination, and decentralized configuration set Symphoni technology apart from traditional assembly platforms .

When we say Symphoni systems are “orchestrated,” we are not just being fancy in our speech. Consider that the position, velocity, and acceleration of all devices are specified at 1 millisecond intervals. Precision and productivity are maximized. But critical process times are never compromised!

“E-cam control gives you synchronized precision with digital configurability.”

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Digital Configuration = Operational Flexibility

The video below shows an impressive example of Symphoni’s operational flexibility. We see SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ pallets circulating through stations equipped with high-performance delta robots. An operator changes the machine rate through the HMI at the touch of a finger, toggling back and forth between 25 and 280 parts per minute. Note that the system transition smoothly to the selected speed, while its motions remain coordinated and synchronized. Equally true, although not obvious to the naked eye, is that critical process times remain fixed, regardless of overall system speed. For example, if the hold time for an ultrasonic welding operation is 100 milliseconds, it will remain 100 milliseconds at 25 ppm, 280 ppm, and at any other selected rate. Symphoni’s remarkable speed and efficiency result from eliminating non-value-added waste, never from compromising the physical demands of a process.

Simple, Standard, Field-Proven Software

Symphoni high performance comes out-of-the-box. The coordinated motion control that powers Symphoni’s high-precision operation is managed by the Symphoni™ OS embedded in each module. In other words, our engineers have figured out the tough stuff, proved it out over years of field-tested operation, and made it standard. Users easily set up station operations through a high-level configuration tool.

Standard, Embedded Symphoni™ OS

Each Symphoni module is equipped with Symphoni OS, standard code that manages the coordinated multi-axis motion of Symphoni workstations. Motions are configured with an Excel-based Configuration Tool – the same tool used to visualize and validate station operation via SOLIDWORKS simulations.

HMI-based System Configuration

The Symphoni™ HMI grants password-protected access to qualified users to make system-wide configurations, including:

  • Configuration & selection of recipes.
  • Selection of machine rate.
  • Adjustment of pallet and pick-and-place positions (in 0.01 mm increments).
  • Modification of tool motions & servo profiles.

Off-line Configuration Tools

Since the heavy lifting of motion control and coordination is handled by the Symphoni OS, users simply configure stations for specific operation through high-level configuration tools, including SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™ TrakMaster and Symphoni Config.

Is Symphoni™ Right For You?

    • Are you frustrated with having to choose between fast or versatile assembly systems?
    • Do you experience production delays, long retooling time, and underutilized equipment when there are changes to your production schedule, product mix, or product demand?
    • Have you ever had to write off a custom assembly machine because the product it assembled is no longer viable?
    • Have you spent months, even years, custom engineering an assembly system from scratch.
    • Have you ever lost business because your assembly machine was delivered late?

If you have answered ‘YES’ to one or more of the questions, please contact us and we’ll show you how Symphoni will give you the competitive edge to win more business, optimize your capital asset and floor space.

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