A New Campaign Brings to Light the Simplicity of the Symphoni™ Assembly Platform, and it Boils Down to Three Core Technologies.

Over the past two months, an email campaign to ‚deconstruct‘ Symphoni was launched targeting medical device, electronic and consumer packaged goods manufacturers in North America and Europe. Subscribers received in advance of the multi-channel campaign, which is launching in the following weeks, the first two of the four-part blog series that introduces and breaks the Symphoni platform into its three core technologies: SuperTrak CONVEYANCE™, RSM Technology® and the E-Cam.

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The Revolution of Assembly Automation Continues!

The Next Generation of Symphoni™ from ATS Automation adds mechanical and control software modularity to its high-performance digital platform. Assembly manufacturers can have it all in a single, scalable platform that delivers the speed they need and the flexibility they crave From R&D to full production. (Symphoni at the #AssemblyShow)

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Automatica Offers Peek Into Future of Robotics, AI

In terms of keynotes, panel discussions, presentations and live demonstrations, there were more than 150 at Automatica in Munich, Germany. This year, Robotics 24/7 magazine highlighted insights into the future of automation, including key points from LS VP of Emerging Markets and Symphoni, Peng-Sang Cau’s on-stage presentation.

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Assembly Magazine Whitepaper: Reshoring Consumer Goods with Agile Automation

CPG brands have historically satisfied consumer demand for low-cost products by offshoring to low-cost labor countries. Rising costs, production delays, and supply chain breaks have made reshoring necessary.

CPG brands can profitably reshore with agile, high-speed automation. Agile assembly technology optimizes machine utilization and allows for multiple products and variants to be assembled on one machine. Leveraging digital automation enables brands to satisfy shifting consumer demands, improve product quality, reduce product development time, and speed time to market.

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ATS Automation Showcases Symphoni™, a Revolutionary Digital Assembly Technology at This Years Automatica in Munich, Germany

Touted as “The most significant development in automated assembly technology in 40 years!”, Symphoni will be front and center at this year’s ATS Life Sciences Europe booth!

MUNICH, Germany (June 9, 2022) — With the Automatica tradeshow appearing every two year, ATS Automation Life Sciences is showcasing its Symphoni™ technology, a revolutionary high-performance digital assembly platform that is shaking things up in the industry.

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ATS Automation Unleashes Its Transformative Symphoni Assembly Technology at ATX West in Anaheim

Considered the ‚Holy Grail‘ in assembly automation, join us at this year’s conference and meet Ken Nicholson, ATS R&D Director and one of the inventors of this fantastic, innovative platform, as he showcases Symphoni’s orchestrated motion with daily demos and case study.

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ATS Automation gives industry leaders an up close and personal look at it’s Symphoni™ technology via a 360⁰ virtual machine tour

Due to the success of its first-ever 360⁰ virtual tour of Symphoni™, an innovative, digital assembly platform, ATS Automation will be hosting a live interactive Q&A with one of the inventors of Symphoni™ on December 9. Current and prospective clients of ATS can now reserve a spot.

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ATS acquires intellectual property assets of Transformix for $10 million

Automation Tooling Systems, an industrial automation solutions provider, says it has acquired “substantially all” of the intellectual property assets of Transformix Engineering. Transformix’s CNCAssembly system, based on its patented Rapid Speed Matching technology, provides a method of linking and synchronizing the movements of devices and tooling to enable faster and more efficient assembly systems.

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The Holy Grail of Assembly Automation

The CNCAssembly® system is a collaboration of multiple technological functions that offer a standardized, compact, speedy and flexible solution for small part assembly with unmatched performance. The majority of the system is made up of standardized building blocks, otherwise referred to as Engines, and only a small portion of the process is application specific. The system is highly flexible with the capacity to assemble many products using one machine with different end effectors, as required, using programmable part handling and assembly motions.

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Setting the Standard in Flexible Automated Assembly

While there are many integrators in the automated assembly market, Transformix Engineering Inc. is a truly innovative designer and manufacturer of highly flexible machines that leverage precise technology, proprietary software, and a blend of continuous motion and indexed motion techniques to transport components for assembly faster than ever.

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